ADA-JAVA Interfacing Suite by The Adacore-Team : “I love it when a plans come together !”

Ada-Java Interfacing Suite by The Adacore-Team  :

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Art-Tech International : New plan !

Art-Tech International : New plan !

ADA 2012 programming language or GROOVY scripting language ??? Hard choice – Torture lol

ADA 2012 + Microsoft .NET Framework or GROOVY + Java/Spring Framework ?????????

Groovy and his convention-like frameworks Grails, Griffon  and Java/Spring ecosystem is well suited for my agile approach on future control system projects but ADA 2012 is clearely more robust and simple  and .NET framework can complete the  omissions of ADA ecosystem. Two of them  have interesting features , Hard to choose XD

Groovy :

ADA 2012 :


JAVA or ADA 2012 ?

ADA or JAVA ? With JAVA we can find a job ! but with ADA we can change the World ! 😀
ADA 2012 The most Advanced Language for safe and secure Software :