Art-Tech International : New plan !

Art-Tech International : New plan !



JAVA or ADA 2012 ?

ADA or JAVA ? With JAVA we can find a job ! but with ADA we can change the World ! šŸ˜€
ADA 2012 The most Advanced Language for safe and secure Software :

ASTRO-SHADERS for Graphic User Interface

ASTRO-BLUEAt last I have made my own Shaders Library for my GUI projects (Graphic User Interface) and my architecture viewpoints framework šŸ˜€

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Astroneo project : 5 simple view models for rapid working – The Simple Viewpoints Framework (Diagrams set)

Layered architecture - block diagram

For my Teamwork framework project and Rapid Prototyping Tools project,
The Simple Viewpoints Framework
is an innovative tool projectĀ  for a simple and agile approach in understanding A.I., Control systems, mechatronicĀ  and Robotic systems. The purpose is a clean, clear, simple andĀ  easy 5Ā  view models (diagrams set) for describingĀ  any architecture systems/Platforms/Frameworks/API’s/Plugins in a way that even a noob member contributor in a teamwork can easily and rapidly understand the system used by the team and participate efficiently to the collective project.

More details coming soon.

Astroneo project club : Art-Tech International

logo Art-Tech InternationalArt-Tech International : NGOs, worldwide collaborative community for progress, a non-profit organization composed of artists and technicians working together to imagine, create and develop new and free concepts and technologies especially in mechatronic and robotic systems that can provide free progress of mankind. It’s not only for imagining new concepts and artworks but making it look Great and Real .

Art-Tech International by Astroneo and Designer Superstar Oscar Javier Gomez